How To Make Flowers Last Longer

How To Make Flowers Last Longer

Dear our loyal customer,

I would like to briefly introduce my self 🙂 My name is Anne, I am the founder/owner of Garland Florist Jakarta & Bali. I studied floral arrangement at Boerma Instituut International Floral Design School Holland and i was a student at IRIS Florari Bucharest, Romania. I remember i visited France and entered one of their flower shop? and i told my self i have to open my own floral shop in Jakarta, the city where i was born and raise. Here we are Garland Florist Jakarta established since 2009. We have a solid team, we OPEN 24 hours. What we offer is a quality fresh flowers and always deliver them on time.

Now here i want to share you how to make your flowers last longer since we live in a tropical country and it is crucial to always keep them fresh at least for a week time. You may want to cut stems at an angle, remove leaves below the water line, use a hammer to smash the ends of woody stems to help them absorb water better, lightly spray them with a hairspray (mostly on the undersides), store them in the fridge over night and change the water often. I know i know it is a hard work but for me? i like to keep my flowers last for longer time, specially when you know you receive them from someone you love.

Life is better with flowers…

Much Love,


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